House Rules

House Rules

House Rules

Check-in / Check-out

The room is available from 2 pm on the day of arrival until 10 am on the day of departure.

Check-in is between 2 pm and 6pm on the day of arrival, if you would like to check in earlier or later, we can only guarantee this by prior consultation.

In case of extra charge, it is possible to take the room at an earlier time or to stay longer on the day of departure. In both cases, prior consultation is required.

In case of early departure, the accommodation fee will not be refunded.

The property can only be used by guests in a pre-arranged number, which can be checked by the host without prior notice.

At check-in, you must carry your ID, passport or driver license, because of the reporting obligation.

Our Guests can only receive visitors with the knowledge and consent of the reception.


The accommodation fee and the tourist tax need to be paid latest upon arrival. If, for any reason you leave the accommodation before the end of the period you have booked in advance, you will still be required to pay the price of the accommodation for the booked nights.

Payment methods: cash, bank card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard), SZÉP CARD (MKB, K&H, OTP).

The tourist tax cannot be paid with a SZÉP CARD.


The parking lot is protected by cameras. In the area of the driveway and the parking lot, the current traffic rules are applied. The speed limit is 5 km/h.

Two parking spaces / room are provided for our guests for free.

It is not possible to carry out major installation or maintenance on the vehicle in the parking area. Minor repairs and maintenance are allowed as long as the cleanliness of the area is not endangered.


Smoking and the use of open flames inside the building are strictly FORBIDDEN!

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas!

We respectfully ask our smoking guests not to scatter the butts in the yard and in the whole area of the guesthouse, but to collect them in the trash.

If a measure is taken against the accommodation provider due to non-compliance with the law, the infringer is obliged to reimburse the costs thereof.

This measure may result in a complaint and other proceedings.

Use of rooms and equipment:

Please use the equipment properly! Furnishings and textiles (such as plaids, towels, etc.) taking out of the guesthouse is forbidden. Deliberately caused damage or extra cleaning costs will be charged for the Guest.

When leaving the room, please make sure that the air-conditioning and electricity are switched off and the water taps are closed.

In case of loss of the keys to the room, the Guest is obliged to call the reception immediately and reimburse the related costs (door opening, lock replacement, etc.)


Apartment: The apartment has a well-equipped kitchen where you can prepare simple meals.

Do not place metal objects in the microwave.

Please do not eat in the rooms, only in the kitchen and in the dining room!

It is strictly forbidden to take food out of the restaurant!


The rooms will be taken over by the guests clean, if there is a problem with the cleanliness please contact the reception, we will not be able to accept any subsequent complaints. We do not clean during your stay, only on request for an extra fee. Our guests can indicate their cleaning needs at the reception.

Garbage disposal, treatment:

Garbage can be collected in the kitchen in the apartment. In the rooms our guests can collect it in the bathrooms.

Garbage should not be left in corridors, behind doors, in public spaces.

Fireplace, firefighting:

A fire may be placed only at the designated fire place from the designated log, in still air, equipped with a bucket of extinguishing water.

Please ensure that the fire protection rules are fully observed and at the end of the program the glowing coals are extinguished correctly.

Fire protection:

All guests are required to comply with the guesthouse’s fire safety regulations. In case of fire, guests must leave the building immediately according to the escape routes, which can be found in the corridor. 


Parking is free for guests.

Wi-Fi is free and you can ask the password at the reception.

The playground and pool can be used free of charge, but at your own responsibility.

Massage service is available at a pre-arranged time, more information can be requested at reception.

It is not possible to bring pets.

Other policies:

We will be able to keep the abandoned values in the guesthouse for 2 months, and if we are notified, we will send them to the given address within the given time.

To ensure the peace of mind of guests and neighbours, it is forbidden to play loudspeakers, play or listen to music in the apartments and rooms from 22:00 until 08:00.

Please note that the host is not in a position to accept liability and compensation for damages resulting from events beyond its control (e.g., natural disaster, hail, fire, power failure, parking damage, etc.)

The host may deny further accommodation to a guest who does not prove to be decent and comply with the hotel policy and rules.


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